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If you did not manage to get a ticket to the stadium, but you want to become a part of the upcoming World Cup, welcome to Sochi for the FIFA Fans Festival! Festive atmosphere, refreshing sea breeze, megatons of good sound and light are guaranteed! Every day from June 14 to July 15, 2018 (except June 29, 4,5,8,9 and July 12, when there are no matches) – broadcast matches, jokes from popular TV and radio presenter, performances of singers and DJs with the world name, concerts of famous Russian stars, an endless avalanche of gifts from sponsors – all this is the Festival of fans in Sochi!

Right on the beach, on the square of the South Pole of the Sochi Sea Port there will be a whole amusement park where you can watch a match on the big screen, have a tasty snack, dance with your friends under incendiary electronic sets, play football, take an autograph from famous world players, children’s animation program, shake hands with the talisman of the FIFA World Cup in Russia, Wolf Zabivaka and not only him. Do not forget to upload photos and videos to the Internet! WI-FI is free!

The FIFA Fans’ festival area is very functional and provides all the necessary options, including for people with disabilities. The capacity of the area is 10,000 people at a time

For your convenience, a special navigation system will operate: signs, landmarks and large navigational maps will indicate the entrance and exit, the places of the power zone, the information desk, the medical center, the finds office, attractions, scenes and other internal services of the Area. You easily navigate where there are bus stops, parking lots, routes for low-mobility guests and learn a lot of other useful information. City volunteers who will work in the whole central part of the city are also always happy to help!

Entrance gates

The entrance gate to the area is located on the side of the street Voikova, which for a month will turn into a pedestrian maritime promenade.

Absolute safety is an important part of the preparation and holding of the Fans’ Festival, which is guaranteed by the organizers. That’s why at the entrance – a thorough inspection! Treat this with understanding and pay attention to the list of prohibited items (link to the list). But if you still accidentally take a manicure kit or water in a glass container, you’ll have to leave them in a special storage room.

Safety and security inside the area will be provided by employees of professional security companies, and 30 more outdoor surveillance cameras around the perimeter! Everything is provided, even protection against lightning strikes, strong gusts of wind, the most modern means of fire protection are used on the area.


Two exits are located just behind the food court and not far from the main entrance group. Do not forget your things left in the storage room and definitely come again tomorrow!

The main scene

High-tech 12-meter stage complex of the FIFA Fans’ festival in Sochi is incredible power, but with crystal clear sound, super clear picture, soft evening illumination.

The screen is LED, the area of which is almost 100 square meters. m. To see the exciting match of the FIFA World Championship on the air will be possible not only being on the square, but also from the balconies of houses in the district. The image on the screen will be clear and contrast in any weather, even if it hits direct sunlight.

The acoustic system at the Festival in Sochi is the power of sound in 3900 W.! (for comparison, at home we usually listen to speakers at 15-30 W.).

Light on stage during the evening concerts will provide 11 powerful searchlights, and even generators of smoke and fog.

Food court

During the opening hours, guests will be offered snacks, hot meals, confectionery, soft and light alcoholic drinks from official FIFA sponsors. Food court at the Fans’ festival covers an area of 300 m2. The mobile counter will work, which means that cold beer and snacks will be delivered directly to the spectator zone. English-speaking bartenders and waiters will tell foreign guests the features of Russian and Caucasian cuisine, they will be offered to try pancakes with different fillings and shish kebab. On the territory of the Festival, cash payment and VISA card payment is possible.


A visit to the FIFA Fans’ Festival in Sochi can turn into an exciting sport game for the whole family. On the perimeter of the area there will be 10 exciting football rides, which will be provided by professional instructors.

Stand of the city of Sochi

The stand of the host city Sochi is located in the center of the FIFA Fan Fest site, just opposite the entrance group.

The dimensional letters “Welcome to Sochi” will become the main symbol of the object and the main “message” for all who come to the site.  The stand is decorated with light figures of the main architectural sights of the southern capital of Russia: the tower on Mount Akhun (the highest point of the Sochi coast, with a fantastic view of Central, Khostinsky and Adler districts), the Railway station, the Seaport and the Winter Theater are the architectural landmarks of the resort, fascinating with its architectural solutions in the style of the Stalin Empire.

The stand of the host city Sochi will become the main venue for interviewing, photographing and communicating with city representatives and volunteers. Qualified English-speaking staff will not only tell about the preparations for the FIFA 2018 World Cup in Sochi, but also provide detailed information about the tourism opportunities of resort city Sochi, the program and the main services of the FIFA Fan Fest site.

Podium for the less mobile groups

For the convenience of the low-mobility guests of the Festival of FIFA Fans, a special podium with a non-slip surface, a convenient ramp and railings will be installed in front of the stage complex on the area.

Toilets – sanitary modules

Sanitary modules, including for low-mobility citizens, are located in the northern part of the Area.

Luggage storage

The storage room is moved beyond the perimeter of the Area. Racks with numbered cells will be reliably protected, but it should be borne in mind that their number is limited.


For ordinary viewers, accreditation, a ticket or an invitation to the Festival of FIFA fans in Sochi is not required. This procedure is carried out only by employees involved in the organization of the areas, artists, journalists, as well as service personnel for access to the technical zone.


On the information stand within the Area you can get a schedule of upcoming broadcasts, performances of artists for the next few days, learn about the work of the city public transport, popular sightseeing routes, etc. There are volunteers who speak several languages.

Tv compound parking

Parking near the FIFA Fans’ area is intended for the operation of mobile TV stations of FIFA copyright holders.

First-aid post

During the opening hours of the FIFA Fans’ Festival, the brigades of medical aid are on duty. Qualified doctors and paramedics will be located at the inpatient medical center on the territory of the Festval, as well as patrol the spectator and commercial zones during the event. Every day, five brigades plan to intervene on duty.

Infrastructure for the media

The access of the media representatives to the Festival of the Fans will be provided if there is a media accreditation of FIFA or the City Press Center of the World Championships in Sochi located on “Sochi Avtodrom”.

In order to get a quality picture, opposite the stage complex of the FIFA Fans’ Festival a special podium under the photo-video positions will be installed.

Also on the Journalists’ place there is a working area. In a special tent an office equipment for reading information from SD, microSD and USB media, furniture will be established, as well as a press-wall with the symbols of the city-organizer of Sochi and FIFA.


At the Festival of fans in Sochi will be introduced separate collection of garbage. Separate containers for recyclable (plastic, packaging film, aluminum and tin cans, glass, uncontaminated paper) and non-recyclable waste (food waste, contaminated paper and napkins, hygiene products, tea bags, etc.) will be installed both inside the area and outside, on the route. This concept is used to preserve the environment and maintain the ecology of Sochi.

Rules of conduct for spectators at the FIFA Fan Fest in Sochi

These Rules establish the procedure for the spectators’ behavior in the territory of the FIFA Fan Fest, their rights and responsibilities during the Event.

  1. Recognition of the obligation to observe the rules of conduct at the festival

1.1.   Every spectator of the Festival recognizes and agrees that he has got acquainted with the Rules of Conduct, understood and accepted them, agrees to take upon himself the obligation to perform, and agrees to observe them along with any other special orders emanating from the Festival Sponsors. If necessary, in addition to the Rules of Conduct, Festival Sponsors may issue additional instructions to ensure the safety and security of the law and order at the festival, to prevent or eliminate risks to life and health of people, as well as the safety of their personal property.

1.2.  Festival Sponsors reserve the right to make changes to this document that do not contradict the legislation of the Russian Federation. The viewer can get acquainted with the current information on the Rules of Conduct on the information stands and on the Festival Internet site.

1.3.   Rules of conduct are placed by the Festival Sponsors on information boards before entering the Festival territory.

  1. Access to the Festival

2.1.   The spectator can be admitted to the Festival with a successful passing of the examination procedure, including the personal belongings of the spectator .

2.2.   The access of the Spectator to the territory of the Festival is allowed from the opening day of the Festival according to the Festival’s working schedule, determined by the Festival Sponsors. The spectator can get acquainted with up-to-date information on the schedule of the Festival’s working hours at information stands and on the Festival’s website.

2.3.   The spectators recognize and agree that they have the right of access only to those zones on the Festival, which are indicated by the Festival Sponsors.

2.4.   Disable people or persons of low mobile groups should take into account that access to the Festival is possible only with the use of a manual or electric wheelchair, as well as a special electric scooter.

  1. The rules of conduct for spectator at the Festival

 3.1. The spectators during the whole stay at the Festival are obliged:

3.1.1. Do not insult, do not carry out actions that endanger safety, life and health, do not interfere with the stay of other spectators and / or accredited persons during their stay on the territory of the Festival;

3.1.2. to go to the Festival only through the appropriate entrance, unless otherwise is specified by the Festival Sponsors. Spectators of the Festival can freely move on the territory of the Festival, which does not require additional access rights;

3.1.3. at the entrance or passage to the Festival and (or) on the adjacent territory to undergo a personal inspection and provide personal items for inspection;

3.1.4. at the entrance or passage to the Festival and (or) on the adjacent territory, present to the responsible officers  the documents of access (passes for transport of a standard pattern, invitations / tickets to the VIP stand);

3.1.5. when traveling to the Festival and (or) the adjacent territory to show passes to vehicles issued by the Festival Sponsors, as well as to provide vehicles for inspection;

3.1.6. to use ladders and emergency passes exclusively for their intended purpose. Spectators should leave evacuation ladders and emergency exits always vacant. When traveling, they should not stop in order to avoid creating situations that prevent the passage of other persons;

3.1.7. to hand over to the storage room bulky and other things forbidden to bring to the territory of the Festival according to the Rules of Conduct (except for those that pose a threat to life and health of people, as well as those that are prohibited to civil circulation by the legislation of the Russian Federation);

3.1.8. while staying at the Festival, observe the public order and the requirements established by the Rules of Conduct;

3.1.9. not to cause property damage to other viewers, participants of the Festival, as well as property owners and persons providing protection of public order and public safety during the Festival. Spectators are also required to take care of the property of sports facilities carefully, and to keep clean;

3.1.10. to behave respectfully towards other viewers, organizers and participants of the Festival and persons providing protection of public order and public safety;

3.1.11. promptly inform security officers and other persons responsible for ensuring public order about cases of detection of suspicious objects, violation of public order, smoke or fire, the need to provide medical care to persons during the Festival;

3.1.12. to fulfill the legitimate demands of representatives of the Festival Sponsors, security officers and other persons providing public order and public safety during the Festival;

3.1.13. when receiving information on evacuation from the territory of the Festival, act in accordance with the instructions of the authorized persons of the Festival Sponsors, in accordance with fire safety rules and approved evacuation plans, keeping calm and not creating panic.

  1. Prohibited items

4.1. Spectators are not allowed to carry, have on hand or use at the Festival the following items:

4.1.1. Explosives, blasting agents and any objects filled with them;

4.1.2. Gun of any type, including self-defense, ammunition or components of firearms;

4.1.3. Stabbing or cutting objects, knives, other bladed weapon, as well as other items that can be used as weapons;

4.1.4. Compressed and liquefied gases (excluding pocket lighters);

4.1.5. Flammable and pyrotechnic substances or articles (excluding matches, pocket lighters), including flares, firewalls, firecrackers, gas cylinders and objects (chemical materials) that can be used to make pyrotechnic products or fumes;

4.1.6. Flammable solids;

4.1.7. Oxidizing substances and organic peroxides;

4.1.8. Toxic substances, radioactive materials and corrosive substances;

4.1.9. Poisonous, intoxicate or acid-smelling substances;

4.1.10. Flammable and combustible liquids, flammable gases;

4.1.11. Coloring matter;

4.1.12. Devices and articles, including home-made manufacturing, which are not pyrotechnics, used for spreading, spraying various materials and substances (pneumatic crackers);

4.1.13. Other substances, products, items, including self-made products, the use of which can lead to smoke, ignition;

4.1.14. Materials of an extremist, offensive or discriminatory nature, containing Nazi attributes or symbols, or attributes or symbols of extremist organizations, or aimed at discrimination of any kind against a country, person or group of persons on the basis of race, color, ethnic, national or social origin and place of birth status , financial condition or other status, sex, disability, language, religion, political opinion or other beliefs of sexual orientation or any other  reason, including, but not limited to banners, flags, symbols and paraphernalia, leaflets, clothing;

4.1.15. Musical instruments and wind instruments for extracting sounds (including vuvuzels). Exceptions are the horns and the    pipes;

4.1.16. Paper rolls or paper in bundles, with the exception of banners and posters, meeting the requirements of this paragraph, as well as in other cases established by the Event Sponsor;

4.1.17. Body protection: body armor, body protection, used for martial arts and extreme sports, or corsets (except for cases caused by medical indications);

4.1.18. Medicinal preparations more than 1 package more than 7 different names (in any form (including aerosols, drops, syringes, etc.) in factory packaging) and medical remedy, except for medicines in the amounts prescribed by the doctor’s prescription (a document in Russian or English), upon presenting such a recipe or a copy thereof

4.1.19. Narcotic, psychotropic and toxic substances, their precursors, including in the form of medicines, with the exception of drugs in the amounts prescribed by the doctor’s prescription of (in Russian or English), when presenting such a recipe or a copy thereof;

4.1.20. Tools;

4.1.21. Glass containers and bottles;

4.1.22. Liquids in containers more than 100 ml;

4.1.23. Thermoses and jars;

4.1.24. Food and beverages (including alcoholic beverages);

4.1.25. Tripod for photo and video equipment (with three legs (tripod) and with one support (monopod, including “self-stick”);

4.1.26. Aerosol cans, except for medicinal preparations in the volumes prescribed by the doctor’s prescription (in Russian or English), when presenting such a recipe or a copy thereof

4.1.27. Any animals, except dog-guides, in the presence of a veterinary document, with notes on vaccinations made on time, as well as a document of an established sample on the dog-guide;

4.1.28. Folding chairs or benches;

4.1.29. Bulky items, the sum of three dimensions of which in length, width and height exceeds 75cm;

4.1.30. Scooters that are unappropriated to carry disables with the exception of wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, electric 3 or 4 wheeled scooters, designed to carry disables (not exceeding the width of 700 mm and a length of 1300 mm, and with a turning radius of 900 mm, the width of the turn is not more than 1500 mm The speed of electric scooters and electric wheelchairs should not exceed 6 km / h.);

4.1.31. Sports goods and sports equipment, including bicycles, rollers, skateboards and scooters;

4.1.32. Radioelectronic facilities and high-frequency devices, with the exception of radio electronic means of common use in accordance with Government Decision No. 646 of 09.07.2016 and the Ministry of Communications Order on approval of the order of marking of radio electronic means used in the places of the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 and FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia, approved for use without marking;

4.1.33. Flags and banners whose dimensions exceed 2 x 1.5 m. Flags and posters of a smaller size are permitted provided that they are made of material classified as “low fire danger”, comply with all norms and standards and are not prohibited by any other paragraphs of the Rules of Conduct.

4.1.34. Flagpoles for flags or posters of any type. It is allowed to use only flexible plastic and so-called double shafts, not exceeding 1 meter in length and 1 cm in diameter and made of non-flammable material;

4.1.35. Items with trademarks or other types of advertising signs or information, the demonstration of which may be used for commercial purposes;

4.1.36. Advertising materials of any kind, printed products of religious, political or insulting content, as well as content contrary to public order and / or morals (including banners, placards, posters, signs and their analogues), with the exception of religious books for personal use, and also banners of no more than 2×1.5 m, the content of which should be aimed at supporting the performing athletes and should not contain offensive, obscene, provocative texts, words, symbols and images, also including  such as like those which are aimed at discrimination of any kind against the country, person or group of persons on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, national or social origin and status, sex, disability, language, religion, political beliefs of sexual orientation or for any other reason;

4.1.37. Television and telecommunications equipment;

4.1.38. Devices used for recording, transferring, streaming, downloading, publishing on the Internet or other sound distribution, video or photo images  descriptions, data, Match results or statistical data about it using any form of transmission, including the Internet, radio, television, transfer through a computer, mobile phone, data support devices, as well as through any media or platforms, other digital technologies, networks for distribution, display, data transmission and other functions including social networking or blogging platforms, websites, applications and other similar media, as well as any other existing or future media technologies (both now known and those that may be invented or developed in the future) if the data of actions are made for commercial purposes;

4.1.39. Technical means that may interfere with the Event or cause inconvenience to their participants (laser devices, lanterns), radio stations, sound amplification means (except for generally accepted means of support);

4.1.40. Masks, helmets, as well as any other means of camouflage or objects specifically designed to impede the person identification, with the exception of cases specifically established by the sponsors of the Events;

4.1.41. Umbrellas longer than 25 cm in closed state;

4.1.42. Moving and planning aircraft and their models (gliders, drones, kites, etc.);

4.1.43. Any bulk substances, regardless of volume, except for drugs in accordance with § 4.1.18 and personal care products;

4.1.44. Any objects outwardly resembling forbidden objects or their copies and analogs.

Responsibility for deciding whether a noise-producing device is limited for carrying to the Festival or not, rests with the employees of the Festival, whose duty is to coordinate activities in the inspection areas (because it is impossible to compile an complete list of such devices).

The responsibility for deciding whether the material is restricted for carrying to the site or not, rests on the staff of the Festival Sponsors, whose duty is to coordinate the activities in the inspection areas during the Festival.

  1. Prohibited actions.

5.1. During the whole period of the Festival, spectators are prohibited:

5.1.1. to violate the access control regime on the territory of the Festival, described in Section 2 of this document;

5.1.2. to penetrate the territory of the Festival or the territory adjacent to it (technical rooms, VIP zones, media zone), and to areas restricted by the Festival Sponsors;

5.1.3. to insult other persons (including using banners, posters, placards and other means of visual agitation) and commit other acts that discredit honor, dignity or business reputation. Also prohibited: chanting and other ways of verbal transmission of information of discriminatory and extremist nature. It is prohibited to transmit information aimed at inciting hatred or enmity, as well as to humiliate the dignity of a person or a group of persons on grounds of sex, race, nationality, language, age, disability, ethnic or social origin, status at birth, financial status or other status, attitudes towards religion, political or other beliefs, sexual orientation or for any other difference;

5.1.4. to carry out actions that create a threat to their own safety, life, health, as well as the safety, life, health of other persons located in the venue of the Festival or in the territory adjacent to it;

5.1.5. to perform actions that can distract viewers from the Festival;

5.1.6. to take part in any actions that may pose a threat to the safety and reputation of the Festival;

5.1.7. to smoke in any area of the Festival, except for specially designated areas for smoking outdoors, if any;

5.1.8. to violate the requirements of the fire regime rules in the Russian Federation

5.1.9. To put inscriptions and drawings on indexes, structures, buildings, installations, surfaces located on the territory of the Festival, post ads, posters, stickers and other products of advertising and / or information content, or place extraneous objects near them without the appropriate permission of the Festival Sponsors;

5.1.10. to climb on fences, parapets, lighting devices, masts, load-bearing structures, trees located on the territory of the Festival;

5.1.11. to violate the functioning of the Festival’s support systems, including power supply systems, lighting (including emergency lighting), water supply, water disposal, conditioning and any other systems;

5.1.12. to interfere with traffic on stairs, as well as in any other areas, not limited to those that are intended for evacuation, including passages, exits and entrances (main and spare), during the Festival, or interfere with traffic in the driving directions of vehicles;

5.1.13. to be on stage, as well as on adjacent squares;

5.1.14. to hold public events that are not provided for by the provisions of the Festival, or are contrary to Russian law;

5.1.15. to distribute flyers, booklets and publications, promotional materials and garments, other types of advertising and campaigning content, except for materials whose content is intended to support the performing athletes and does not contain offensive, obscene, provocative texts, words, symbols and images. Including those which are aimed at discrimination against the country, a person and a group of people  on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, national or social origin, sex, disability, age, language, attitude to religion, political or other opinion  sexual orientation, place of birth, financial condition or due to any other difference;

5.1.16. to build fire, to launch pyrotechnic products on the territory of the Festival and (or) on the territory adjacent to it;

5.1.17. to carry out actions leading to the emergence of crowds, the risk of crushing and other violations of public order and public safety;

5.1.18. to harm green plantations, objects of cultural and natural heritage, or violate the established requirements for territories with special conditions of use;

5.1.19. unauthorized removal, intentional spoilage, arson and / or overturning of containers for the accumulation of waste;

5.1.20. to carry out unauthorized dismantling, transfer and vandalism, as well as to cause other damage, with respect to any signposts at the Festival, as well as temporary technical means of regulating and organizing traffic; display inscriptions on any signboards, signs and banners without written approval from the Sponsor, as well as flags, banners and posters prohibited under the Rules of Conduct, materials of offensive or discriminatory nature aimed at discrimination of any kind against the country, person or group of people on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, national or social origin, sex, disability, age, language, attitude to religion, political or other beliefs of sexual orientation, at the place of birth, financial condition or because of any other differences, including, but not limited to banners, flags, symbols and paraphernalia, leaflets, clothing;

5.1.22. express any messages of a political or ideological nature;

5.1.23. to fix flags and banners to the surfaces of buildings and structures on the territory of the Festival, except for cases agreed upon by the Festival Sponsors;

5.1.24. to violate public morals and standards of conduct by exposing intimate parts of the body while on the territory of the Festival during the Festival;

5.1.25. to throw objects on the stage and in the direction of other viewers, participants of the Festival, security officers and / or other persons on the territory of the Festival or on any adjacent territory;

5.1.26. to hide their faces, including the use of masks, except for cases specifically set by the Sponsors of the Festival, as well as means of camouflage and other items specifically designed to impede the person identification;

5.1.27. to use devices that create noise and can interfere with the conduct and viewing of matches, with the exception of conventional devices designed to express support for teams;

5.1.28. to carry, store and / or use any other prohibited items defined by the Rules of Conduct;

5.1.29. to produce broadcasting and recording using transmitting devices, including mobile phones or other means using lighting equipment or for commercial purposes. It is allowed to make video shooting for personal non-commercial purposes without using lighting equipment, flash, tripods and monopods;

5.1.30. to use personal wireless access points and 3G / 4G wireless routers, including the use of smartphones and tablets in the mode of a Wi-Fi hotspot;

5.1.31. to demonstrate distinguishable brands and trademarks of legal entities and individuals for advertising purposes;

5.1.32. to sell goods and conduct any commercial activity on the territory of the Festival and (or) in the adjacent territory;

5.1.33. unauthorized asking for donations in monetary terms or in the form of goods (including but not limited to: musicians or singers at the entrance or inside the Festival, collectors of charitable donations, beggars);

5.1.34. to sell items classified as prohibited in accordance with the Rules of Conduct;

5.1.35. to distribute and use narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, or any new potentially dangerous psychoactive substances or intoxicating substances;

5.1.36. to be in a state of intoxication, offending human dignity and public morality.

The use of alcoholic beverages is possible only in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation if the conditions of restrictions on age and other types of restrictions are met. The distribution of alcoholic beverages to individuals who do not have the right to drink alcohol because of age restrictions is prohibited. In case the Spectator consumes alcoholic beverages, he should do this in moderate way.

  1. Presented rights for spectators.

 6.1 .The spectators of the Festival have the right:

6.1.1. to occupy any place on the territory of the Festival except for places in zones that have restricted access rights (media zone, VIP zone and hospitality zone, scene, technical zone);

6.1.2. to be at the venue of the Festival during the whole period of the event;

6.1.3. to provide necessary medical assistance in cases and in the manner prescribed by the legislation of the Russian Federation;

6.1.4. to use the services of accredited food and beverage agents;

6.1.5. to the assistance of volunteers, security personnel and other persons involved in the organization of the Festival in any issues related to the Festival, as well as questions regarding the location of entrances and exits, as well as assistance with evacuation.

  1. Rights of the Festival Sponsor

7.1  The Sponsor  of the Festival and (or) security officers have the right:

7.1.1. to refuse entry to  the Spectators:

– in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication;

– under 14 years of age without accompanying parents;

– in respect of which the court decision on administrative prohibition to visit places of official sports competitions came into       force;

–  refusing to undergo examination;

–  refusing to leave during inspection the items prohibited for carrying to the venue of the Festival, specified in these Rules;

– in cases of exceeding the maximum capacity of the territory of the Festival;

7.1.2. to remove the Spectator from the venue of the Festival:

– in case of violation of the requirements specified in these Rules;

–  in the case of identification of a natural person (including through video surveillance systems), in respect of  which the court decision on the administrative ban on visiting venues for official sports competitions came into force;

–  in the case that the Spectator commits an administrative offense on the territory of the Festival, provided by the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offenses.

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