553 validating sender

If errors arise during the e-mail send and, you need to abort the process, go to Settings / Common settings / tab SMTP” and customize the default settings. in the Sender Mail Monitor and specify the parameters for report generation: the kind of e-mails to be saved and their format.

You can then restart the sending process – click the black down arrow next to the Start button and select the appropriate option (resend to unsent e-mail addresses or resend to failed e-mail addresses). You can see a list of errors and their resolutions in the Atomic Mail Sender User Manual in the About errors section. Below are the most common delivery errors and their resolutions: Errors with recipient’s e-mail550 Message was not accepted — invalid mailbox.

We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The specified speed and thread number values in the SMTP settings are too high for this server ( the recommended parameters are “Threads – 1″, “Speed – 1 message/minute”).3.

The error that the other server returned was: 550 550 [email protected] user account (state 13). Use e-mail personalization to designate every message as unique. The specified speed and thread number values in the SMTP settings are too high for this server (the recommended parameters are “Threads – 1″, “Speed – 1 message/minute”).3.

For example, if the SMTP address is smtp.gmail.com, then the sender e-mail address should be [email protected]

To solve this problem, you need to open the SMTP settings and copy the e-mail address from the Login field to the Sender e-mail” field.

The mail delivery protocol status codes report failures involving the message delivery protocol.

Each SMTP provider has their own value for delivery error codes. Local mailbox [email protected] unavailable: user not found RSET Server cannot access the recipient’s mailbox to deliver an e-mail message.

This may happen as a result of cleaning dead addresses from the server, the mailbox is corrupted, or the mailbox is on another server that is temporarily unavailable.

You need to send email to [email protected](if that is your email provider) and ask them to add you to their white lists. See more about this option in the User Manual – Message editor – Inserting text. Go to Settings -If you get a repeated error 503 , it means there are connection problems. Go to Settings -Make sure that recipient’s address is correct and has no mistakes. Another reason for this error may be an authentication requirement (login password), and you are trying to send an e-mail message without doing this.

According to this error message, you have input incorrect login or password information for this account. Response 503 means that the SMTP server requires authentication (login password), and you are trying to send e-mail messages without doing this. Check the current SMTP server settings and make sure you have input the correct login and password information.

Go to Settings -You have reached the daily limit of e-mail messages you can send.

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553 validating sender introduction

553 validating sender