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A framework for accommodating religion and spirituality in the workplace

Though religion was addressed in the original laws, the primary focus was accommodation for religious observances outside the workplace.However, technology, global competition, downsizing, and reengineering have created a workforce of employees seeking value, support, and meaning in their lives that finds expression not only at home but also on the job.The practice of spirituality through meditation, visioning, or spiritual contemplation has become increasingly prevalent in the United States work environment and has remained less controversial and less subject to regulation as an employee rights issue than formal religion.Those practicing formal religion want the same opportunities and rights provided to employees who practice spirituality.They must manage religious diversity and perhaps even encourage some types of workplace spirituality while avoiding acrimonious and divisive charges of religious discrimination.The Association for Spirit at Work can be found at The article “A New Spirit at Work” can be found at portion of the article “The Many Delicate Issues of Spirituality in the Office” can be found at s/display.php?Ne ws ID=3822 The article “Religion in the Workplace” can be found at 9/99_44/b3653001The article “Program Has Business Leaders Examine How They Could Employ Spirituality in the Working World” can be found by clicking here. Spirituality,” which is about spirituality in India , can be found by clicking here .

the recent blasts in Mumbai), but many differences have been reconciled in the workplace over time.Spirituality, on the other hand, is viewed as both personal and universal.” The latter tends to mean “a total sense of connectedness in the universe; belief in a deity, and in a moral obligation to do good in the world.”Others see workplace spirituality as having less to do with religious faith than with a desire to bring a different set of values into the work environment.From this perspective, workplace spirituality becomes more about espousing and managing value systems than about creating diversity programs for people with traditional religious beliefs.MNCs seeking to engage in the Indian economy are attracted by the intellectual capital of this diverse nation.I examine the presence of religion in the Indian workplace through cultural values, beliefs and management practices and their impact on IHRM practices in managing diversity.

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A framework for accommodating religion and spirituality in the workplace introduction

A framework for accommodating religion and spirituality in the workplace

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