Afghaistan dating military

First, no one can sign for a Military personnel to go on leave except the Chain of Command.If they are coming home from overseas on emergency leave, from a Combat Zone, as a lot of the scammer’s are saying, they would not have to pay to come home.You should never send money via Western Union to someone you have never met, as Western Union is an unsafe way to send money, because once it is sent you will never get it back.Some of these civilians were scammed out of thousands of dollars.First off, when a Soldier is wounded and has to be Medically evacuated out of country, they are sent to Germany first most of the time.Here is a quote from one of the emails: “Dear mam There is no problem with the form one of the two Us Army logo is a seal and after you fill it and the approval is been send to you the other seal will be put on the form.It is always some sort of story to make the victim feel pity for the fraudster.They mainly target women that have no Military affiliation, or have never been around the Military, this way they know the women won’t pick up on their lies as fast.

For a civilian that is not subjected to the military a lot, and do not understand how it operates, they take the word of these douches.

Even in an emergency, the Soldiers family must contact the Red Cross and the Red Cross must contact the Soldiers unit for anything other that regular R&R!

Here are a few tips to help you avoid scams, and some basic tips for protecting your identity as provided by one of our fans educated in this area: And as always, if you’re not sure, ask questions!

We are not sure if he would make it yet but we hope he survives any infection from his wounds and he could return back to his duty post. S Navy Seals because of the secretive nature of his job, we want you to keep our correspondence with you confidential.

If you wish that he is released to you immediately.

We get ten to twenty emails per day asking if a profile is really a Soldier, and 99% of the time it is a scammer.

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Afghaistan dating military introduction

Afghaistan dating military

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