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Automate the entry and updating of routing information

For example, the invention is applicable to a communication network operated on the basis of the Internet Protocol IP, irrespective of the version of the Internet protocol, i.e. Also, the present invention is applicable in case the communication nodes (originating and partner node) are fixed nodes and/or mobile nodes which can be freely connected at an arbitrary access point to the network. whether wirebound or wireless also does not matter for the purpose of the present invention.

In case of a wireless network access and assuming an IP based network, then for example the so-called Mobile IP MIP protocol is used (MIPv4 or MIPv6).

If it receives an update on a route, and the new path is shorter, it will update its table entry with the length and next-hop address of the shorter path; if the new path is longer, it will wait through a "hold-down" period to see if later updates reflect the higher value as well, and only update the table entry if the new, longer path is stable.

Using RIP, each router sends its entire routing table to its closest neighbors every 30 seconds.

The virtualized network poses challenges to network management systems -- and as more hardware components become virtualized, that challenge becomes even greater.

Paths can be assigned a higher cost (as if they involved extra hops) if the enterprise wants to limit or discourage their use.Although once the most widely used IGP, Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) routing has largely replaced RIP in corporate networks.Each RIP router maintains a routing table, which is a list of all the destinations (networks) it knows how to reach, along with the distance to that destination.Nevertheless, other IP protocol versions or even other protocol types may be used.In order to illustrate and explain the present invention, however, the subsequent description - without any limitation of the scope of the invention - will focus on a case in which at least the communication originating nodes are mobile nodes and the protocol used for communication is MIPv6.

As stated above, the present invention relates to a method for updating a routing entry for a communication partner node communicating with a communication originating node via a network containing at least one routing node.

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Automate the entry and updating of routing information introduction

Automate the entry and updating of routing information