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He took a few deep breaths, grunted many times as he grabbed the bar.

He strained hard, his face turning crimson, the veins in his neck and forehead engorged, as he tried to lift 500 lbs.

He was particularly proud of the size of his balls - each as big as an extra-large chicken egg, dangling half way between his groin and knees - and would wear the thinnest pair of grey cut-off sweats without any underwear, leaving little the the imagination to show off what he considered to be the symbol of his superior masculinity.

Big balls produce lots of sperm and testosterone make a superior male specimen, he would tell himself, and since he was the biggest man and had the largest pair of nards on campus, he was the alpha male.

Most annoying of all was how he would flex and start admiring himself out loud.

He was in the gym during peak hours showing off as usual, dead-lifting 350 lbs, roaring loudly with each rep, and dropping the barbell with a jarring clang.

A new batch of freshmen were working out, and Brock wanted them to see who the alpha male on campus was.

With a growl, Brock launched himself at Seth, swinging ferocious uncoordinated punches in all directions, his pendulous oversized gonads flopping and schlepping about wildly with every move.

Seth easily avoided all the clumsy blows, and danced back, allowing the angry bull to advance and expend precious energy throwing useless punches.

If you'd met Brock, it was very likely that you would instantly dislike him.

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Ballbust chat bot