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Consolidating democracy prerequisites

In my conversations with Italians, often they despair about their government.The two things that are most mentioned is that they don’t feel represented by the multi-party system here and that the present P. and other politicians are stifling honest discussion and movement on important social and economic issues.This is a constitution, either in the form of a single document as for the United States, or a set of documents, statutes, and signed agreements, as for Great Britain.Many democratic theorists now accept that democracy requires a political culture of negotiation, compromise, accommodation, and a willingness to lose.This made sense to me then and now since in a democracy each group or even individual, depending on their location, situation, etc., has different needs that need to be negotiated with each other to act on within the limited resources that are available.

There is a central government, to be sure, along with the coercion and authority that are the essential attributes of any regime, but most relations between the regime and the society, and especially in the society as a whole, are based on exchange.

“First, the people govern themselves by regular elections through which their highest leaders are periodically determined (representative democracy) or policies governing them are chosen (direct democracy).

A second is that the right to vote includes virtually all adults.

The following are important points that are made by numerous scholars but for time and space I chose the writings of those who could express this complex topic in a quicker and accessible way.

First, what is democracy: democracy [Gr.,= rule of the people], term originating in ancient Greece to designate a government where the people share in directing the activities of the state, as distinct from governments controlled by a single class, select group, or autocrat.

A third is the acceptance of certain so-called democratic rights, particularly the right to vote, the right to have one’s vote count equally, the right to run for the highest office, and the right to organize political groups or parties.

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Consolidating democracy prerequisites introduction

Consolidating democracy prerequisites

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