Dating new age people

In doing so, the process of hearing a person’s stories will naturally unravel over time; like a shiny new present opened at the right moment.Everyone is at a different stage in their healing process.Due to the alternative lifestyles many of us soul-seekers live—off-grid, away from societal standards, often in gypsy mode, matters of intuition and heart winning over mind-matters—a list of Spiritual Dating Do’s and Don’ts is awfully useful to bounce off one another. We, spiritually in-tune folks require connection in many levels beyond physical: intellectual, energetic, soul, past life and beyond.If you are a fully conscious being, you know when your energy is to another persons, reasons inexplicable to anyone but you.The more a person identifies with their story, the more they are their story.Those with greater awareness have the potential to connect from presence, from a place that is deeply rooted in self, rather than ego.Even for people who profess “all love, bliss for the world, we are one,” it is acceptable to be repelled by some or have conflict with others. There is nothing inherently wrong with this even if a sweet talking SNAG (Single New Age Girl/ Guy) tells you otherwise.

If finding one’s self is a lifelong process, it makes sense that finding a soul mate—someone to mirror us, walk through this life with, journey with on the path of awakening—is no simple quest.

When you find this connection, this is a person worth dating.

A lasting bond is most likely to flourish if based in play, exploration, expansion, inspiration, creation and growth.

Sure ego will arise, old wounds will surface, but by the time they do there is enough soft, cushy foundation on which to land that you will do so with trust and openness.

Lesson #4 Timing is everything when it comes to sharing ourselves and our “stories.” Don’t Date someone who shares every single wounded, unhealed childhood issue on a first date.

If two people are able to meet in a manner of such presence, it is possible to allow give old stories a rest in order to nourish a budding soul connection. Don’t Shy away from dating someone because there is a large age difference: 10, 20, 30 years.

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Feb 18, 2014. As you can guess, dating a new age girl can oftentimes be exhilarating, frightening, magical and confusing. at first this might be an excuse to just touch you- especially if you're a gorgeous human being, but in real reiki you don't even need to make physical contact with the person you are working on. 
23-Oct-2018 20:30

Dating new age people introduction

Dating new age people

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