Dating while going through divorce children involved

“If you’re seeing someone during your divorce, it’s going to take more time to get a divorce—and it’s going to cost more money.”The problem with waiting? “Generally, I say hold off on the dating—but for a lot of my clients, that’s not reasonable, because these cases can go on for six to eight months, easily,” says Barbara Behrens of Behrens Law Firm.If dating can’t wait, Kirk Stange of Stange Law Firm says a few things to keep in mind are the amount of money spent on the new partner and the new partner’s past.“When you have kids involved, in particular, it can be problematic,” Stange says.For example, a new boyfriend or girlfriend with a history of problems—serious run-ins with the law, such as DWIs or sexual crimes—can have major swing during a custody case, he explains.Although adultery has no bearing on the outcome of the divorce, these feelings of jealousy can cause the slighted party to bear down in negotiations as a means of retaliation for these perceived slights. Lengthier and more expensive proceedings as every detail is fought over. Time-sharing plans are decided based upon what is in the child’s best interests.

Dating while going through divorce can impact “pretty much everything,” says Craig Kallen of Kallen Law Firm, including division of property, maintenance, custody—even attorney fees.We can help you navigate the thorny issues that sometimes crop up while fighting aggressively to get you the settlement you deserve. Kallen notes that courts do distinguish between relationships started pre- and post-separation.Eager to put the past behind you so you can move on with your new love, you may enter into an agreement – an inequitable distribution of assets, or agreeing to pay alimony when the circumstances don’t justify the payment – simply to get the divorce finalized.But decisions made during the divorce have a long-lasting impact, so hasty decisions in the short term can wreak havoc later on.

She states that when it comes to maintenance, the top factor is the length of the marriage, followed by the difference between the resources and the potential income.

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Dating while going through divorce children involved introduction

Dating while going through divorce children involved