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Dating without a relationship

In case some people refuse to cooperate in achieving peace and happiness in the hereafter, Muslims should still cooperate with them to maintain peace and happiness in this world. Islam did not come to break the ties between human beings, to spread hatred and enmity, or to encourage bloodshed.Nor did it come to eliminate the freedom of choice in this life, which is secured by God.The basic rule for relations between Muslims and non-Muslims is based on a few verses.The first can be translated as, (Al-Anbiya' 7).In this context, those who aid the oppressors are not better than the oppressors themselves.It is important to note that the above verses were revealed after the first verses of the same surah, Al-Mumtahanah, which forbid taking guardians and trustees from among the enemies of Allah, they also encourage Muslims to follow the example of Prophet Ibrahim who boycotted the enemies of Allah.

The above basic rule is based on the fact that Allah has distinguished humankind and the Jinn with special gifts that made them accountable for their choices in this life, for which they will be rewarded or punished mainly in the hereafter.

Among these special gifts are intellectual faculties, divine guidance, and a limited freedom of choice.

A thorough review of the expeditions and battles during the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) shows that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) never once initiated hostility.

Islam has not left any aspect of life without its required guidelines.

For each aspect, it sets a basic rule, which is in harmony with the basic rules of the other aspects, to indicate in the end, that there is only one Creator and one perfect Legislator.

The basic rule usually functions as an axis around which the secondary rules and exceptions revolve.

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Dating without a relationship introduction

Dating without a relationship

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