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He then pulled out a rope and had Sarah grab it so she didn't run off. " Sarah said with glee, she then dropped the rope and ran to get a folder with papers, her and Mandy's limits and contract, which would be subject to change depending on the Dom/me.He smiled at the site before him, a little girl and her puppy dog."Okie! Mark chuckled and decided to just hold Sarah's hand.A few hours later the doorbell rand and Mandy began to bark. He had his whip on hand, just in case, and he had blue-green eyes.His hair was pulled back into a pony tail."Let's go ladies." Mark said, hooking a leash to Mandy's collar.Author's Note: I will not be posting notices at the beginning of every single chapter, and I will be updating this story ever single week, at least once, so just keep your eyes peeled.This is an ADULT themed story, with Strong BDSM themes as well as a bit of age play. If you are not comfortable with reading about a daddy Dom and his baby girl then please turn back.

Sarah lead Mandy around, she paced her paci to Mark "Keep its safe pwease? He simply nodded and put it into his pocket, following the girls closely. "Hewo" She whispered as she took in His appearance. A soft smile graced his face."How are you today little one?The club was geared towards Daddy Dom's and Mommy Domme's and their baby girls or baby boys. The club had a few rules, which she had not yet looked over.She then decided to look over them when she finished her shower."Hello there." Mark said with a polite smile."Hello, status of the girls? " Asked the Goddess, a striking blonde with amazing blue eyes."No, Mandy started as her friend and once they learned they were both into the lifestyle they decided to become a package deal, a baby girl and her pet." Mark replied."Hmm are you their protector while they are un-collared? Mark simply nodded, "I'm Sir Mark." He spoke."I am Lord Brent, and this lovely Lady here is Lady Annabel, but is called Goddess by ANY subs." Lord Brent replied."You may enter 'The Dungeon'" Lady Annabel said softly, but with a firm hint to her voice."Thank You my Lady" Mark said, being respectful. Mandy barked and bowed her head respectfully, whereas Sarah glared at Mark "No nice…" She muttered. " Sarah asked, going into complete 4 year old mode, speaking and all."It is you who is the rude one young one." Lord Brent corrected her, and then glanced at the whip on Mark's hip. "Him no use its on me" She then removed her paci and stuck her tongue out. She glared once more at Mark before turning back to the Lady and Lord." asked the Lord of the club, a tall man with dark hair and eyes."Sarah here," Mark started, pausing to lift the hand holding Sarah's "Is an un-owned baby girl." He then pointed to Mandy "And this is…" He paused, allowing Sarah to answer."Dis is Mandy! Mark grinned; he knew she was going to show her true colors tonight, in hopes that a daddy would be willing to take her on. Mark took that as His cue and swatted Sarah's ass four times, twice on each cheek. "Fowgive me my Lord an Goddess." Sarah whispered, knowing to show she knows how to correct herself as well.

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Mommy infant fetish dating introduction

Mommy infant fetish dating