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The cis and mom sex with

In sex every preference is ok(barring pedophilia,beastiality, and assault). You should not need to feel pressured to sleep with someone because not doing so makes you transphobic.

Trans women who have never had or known what it is to have a uterus, invading infertility forums, ignoring entirely how different that struggle is for someone who was born with a uterus that is nonfunctioning.

There should be safe spaces for everyone, but don’t ask for trans only safe spaces and then also try to force your way into woman only spaces.

Some of us want vagina woman only spaces and thats ok too.

Angry because wanting to have open conversations is now considered hate speech.A rich famous celebrity trans woman who had been a man for so so many years, winning awards, and being respected as a man suddenly becomes a woman and wins a women’s award over women who had far far more right.Telling lesbian woman they are transphobic if they do not overlook a pre op trans woman’s penis.It looks the same regardless of if its coming from a man or trans woman . This “cotton ceiling” fight is oppressive to lesbian women who fight every fucking day to gain respect and equality based on the their sexual preferences.Being told by trans women to get over the penis thing sounds identical to how men often try to bully lesbians into fucking them.

Even showing up with bats to the Chicago Dyke March to protest this “cotton Ceiling.”Calling anyone who dares acknowledge that even after the surgeries, the genitals and reproductive systems of a trans individual are different a bigot or transphobe.

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The cis and mom sex with introduction

The cis and mom sex with

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